The Best Way To Clean Grout

the best way to clean grout

    best way
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wooden bowl - WIP - cool reflection inside from the window :)

wooden bowl - WIP - cool reflection inside from the window :)

This poor bowl has some problems and I'm doing the best I can to fix as I go.

This was in a pile my Dad gave me a long time ago of things that were broken and/or needing some TLC - not good enough for selling as is, but still too good to toss. That's where I come to the rescue with mosaics! The substrate is wood and it was split into two pieces where a seam was around the base. I glued it back together and it let it sit for a few years until I thought I would add some dish tiles to it. The thinset I'm using is on the old side and I know I should get more but it's just not in the budget right now to buy anything until what I have is gone.

Even after gluing and leaving it alone for so long (and it was fine while it sat in a pile), it cracked after the thinset dried on the side where the split was the worst on the bowl, and tiles are popping off. I am able to get them off fairly easily and will get it clean around that spot and try again. I do like the way it's looking and will cover the bottom underside with more shards once I fix the problems. But it is slow to get finished and I don't know what will happen once grout is added to it. Hopefully it'll stay in one piece. The weight from the tiles are a concern. I'll share photos as I work on it.

WIP frame for Amy 09.06.09

WIP frame for Amy 09.06.09

This one was trouble from the get-go! Even though I primed it well, the wood was slightly warped which I had noticed only after getting most of the tess on it. It isn't badly warped and I'll still send it on to Amy for her gift. The silver writing rubbed off so I redid it in black. After taking this picture, the black smeared (sigh) so I wiped the glass clean and redid the whole thing and then protected it as best as I could. Once the wood is painted and hardware put on it, I'll take one last photo of it. This was challenging due to the different levels with the mirror pieces and the tempered glass as well but I like the way it looks and want to pass it on anyway because I do believe she will like it. Grouted in antique silver. Will paint the wood black.

10x10 frame
Tempered glass, stained glass in grape, lilac, iridized black and foil tiles. Mirror pieces and glass circles. Metallic purple acrylic under tg.

the best way to clean grout

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