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How To Clean Hat

how to clean hat

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how to clean hat - The Cat

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (Beginner Books(R))

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (Beginner Books(R))

The mischievous cat returns on a snowy day when there is work to be done.

That behatted and bow-tied cat from Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat is back, and, not surprisingly, is up to all sorts of mischief. This time, Sally and her brother are stuck shoveling snow: "This was no time for play./ This was no time for fun./ This was no time for games./ There was work to be done." But--you guessed it--the laughing Hat Cat has other ideas, as he lets himself in to eat cake in their tub. He leaves behind "a big long pink cat ring," which he then handily cleans with "MOTHER'S WHITE DRESS!" The dress then loses its pink stain to the wall, then Dad's shoes, then the rug in the hall, until finally the Cat must call in some assistance: from inside his hat comes Little Cat A, then Littler Cats B, C, D, E, and so on, nested like dolls in ever tinier hats. With this pack of felines, Sally and her brother may get rid of those stains, but they'll likely never be rid of that rascally cat. As should be expected from the good doctor, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back provides an excellent reader (and alphabet primer) for those just learning, not to mention ample laughs for everyone else. (Ages 4 to 8) --Paul Hughes

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I got a hat!

I got a hat!

Words can't describe how much fun Danbo Mini was having on his first day out in my backyard. He loved the warm sun, the cool breeze, the interesting plants and the lovely sights. When I wasn't looking, he would secretly pick up anything that he could muster and throw it in a pile near the door to the house. Little Danbo knew we were only going to be outside for so long, so he wanted to enjoy the outdoors and investigate all the little things back inside, where there wasn't a time limit. I caught him doing this and chuckled, reassuring him we would be back outside soon and all of these little dirty things weren't meant to be brought into a clean house. Danbo Mini reluctantly agreed to place every object back besides one: a shell. He had convinced himself that it wasn't just any old broken seed laying on the ground, but a hat specifically designed for him and his adventures in the yard. Since it did somewhat resemble an old leather hat, and the fact that I can never say no to Danbo Mini when he begs, I allowed him to wear it around for the rest of the outing. With that simple hat on, little Danbo was all the more dashing and adventurous. (If that was possible.)

Bolivian Woman with the Bowler Hat

Bolivian Woman with the Bowler Hat

Not sure if I see sadness or happiness in her smile.

The tradition of wearing bowler hats goes back a long way, but how it began and why, is not clear (to me anyway). A few observations:
1. It is always worn by indigenous (Aymara) women known as cholas or cholitas. Older women wear them, but so do the younger women - at least enough of them to keep the tradition alive.
2. It is nearly always too small for the person wearing it and it is generally worn slanted to one side or the other. Some say that which side reflects the woman's availability for marriage.
3. Apparently they are fairly expensive to buy and women are very careful to keep them clean and in good shape.

There are many tales about how, when and why the fashion got implanted in the first place, none very credible in my opinion. I won't bother reciting them here; just Google it!

Photo taken in June 1991 on Kodachrome film and recently scanned using a Nikon Supercoolscan 5000 film scanner.

how to clean hat

how to clean hat

Red Fez Hat

The Red Fez Hat is a felt Durashape cap in the shape of a truncated cone with a yellow gold tassel dangling over from the top center. The Turkish word refers to the city of Fez in Morocco which made the fez caps. Pair our red fez hat with a sherwani coat for an India Muslim costume. You can also add a loose fitting smoking jacket for a 19th century English man relaxing in the evenings. This look also came from "wearing mufti" , a habit of British officers and public servants wearing what was then Indian dress in the privacy of their homes. Our Red Fez Hat is a fun costume accessory for a number of costumes including characters from Disney's Aladdin. The Durashape material allows the Fez hat to holds its shape even when crushed making it durable enough for you to horse around in! One size fits most adults.

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