Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning

dry extraction carpet cleaning

    carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern.

  • (carpet cleaner) foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets

  • The ethnic origin of someone's family

  • the action of taking out something (especially using effort or force); "the dentist gave her a local anesthetic prior to the extraction"

  • origin: properties attributable to your ancestry; "he comes from good origins"

  • The action of taking out something, esp. using effort or force

  • the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means

  • Become dry

  • Cause to become dry

  • a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages

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dry extraction carpet cleaning - Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor Wide Track Quick Dry

Rug Doctor Wide Track Quick Dry

The Rug Doctor Wide Track Quick Dry will give you all of the same great features of the Wide Track machine but with one more versatile feature added. You will have the option of two cleaning modes: Quick Dry for when a light or spot cleaning is needed or the traditional Deep Cleaning mode when you are cleaning a heavily soiled area. Rug Doctor has put 35 years of cleaning experience and technology into the carpet extraction machines. A professional cleaning machine is now available for home purchase and use. The Wide Track Quick Dry steam cleaning machine will be fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. The larger solution tanks at 3.7 gallons for water/cleaning products and the 4.8 gallon recovery tank means fewer delays for emptying and refilling and more time saved with a larger area of coverage at just under 160 sq. ft. A powerful 1.9 hp vacuum motor will ensure maximum water lift that will result in quicker drying carpets. When the Quick Dry mode is chosen, your carpets will be traffic ready is about two hours. Boasting an impressive 11.25 inch vibrating brush with 1800 vibrations per minute, the Wide Track Quick Dry carpet steamer will lift and fluff carpet fibers leaving them soft, clean and renewed. The Rug Doctor Wide Track Quick Dry is the ultimate protection for your carpet investment. The Wide Track Quick Dry carpet and upholstery cleaner will come with a complete Upholstery Kit featuring the Universal Hand Tool and a 12 foot hose for easy use in cleaning stairs, furniture, cars and boats. Buy with confidence! The Rug Doctor is the only extractor approved for the consumer market by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Protect your carpet investment with the CRI seal of approval!

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Drying flood damage in a Cherry Hill NJ Hotel

Drying flood damage in a Cherry Hill NJ Hotel

PuroClean Emergency Recovery Services saved the carpet and the wall paper after flood damage in a Cherry Hill NJ hotel

dry extraction carpet cleaning

dry extraction carpet cleaning

Dead Space Extraction

A handful of survivors are desperately struggling to escape from a horrific infection on the Aegis VII mining colony. As their allies mysteriously fall victim to dementia it becomes clear that protecting a young girl granting them a bizarre immunity may be their only hope for survival...

Dead Space Extraction is a prequel to 2008's critically acclaimed third-person action horror game for Next-Gen and PC platforms, Dead Space. A Wii exclusive, Extraction ups the action through an exciting mix of intuitive controls, co-op gameplay, puzzle-solving and branching pathways. Together with the addition of new enemies, characters, weapons and environments, Dead Space Extraction sets a new standard for action horror on the Wii that is sure to please both those new to the Dead Space game universe, and those anxious for more.
'Dead Space Extraction' game logo

The new first-person player perspective in 'Dead Space Extraction'

New FPS perspective.
View larger.
The new female character being snuck up on by a Necromorph in 'Dead Space Extraction'

New characters, weapons...
View larger.
A Necromorph being targeted in 'Dead Space Extraction'

Two-player co-op and arcade style challenge mode play options.
View larger.
Dead Space Extraction tells the untold story of the Aegis VII Colony through a handful of survivors battling to reach the orbiting USG Ishimura amidst a horrific infection and the initial invasion by a violent alien race known as Necromorphs. As these survivors' allies mysteriously fall victim to dementia, it becomes clear that protecting a young girl granting them a bizarre immunity may be their only hope for survival in a struggle that could have implications for all of humanity.
Although designed to preserve the feel of the action of the original game, gameplay in Extraction is also quite unique. First, the player perspective has been changed from third, to first-person, placing all the action right in front of you. Also, Extraction is a 'rail shooter,' meaning a shooter game where most of the action engaged in and paths followed are programmed into the mission play, instead of the freeform wandering ability built into the considerably larger Next-Gen and PC Dead Space release. The combination of these two changes funnels the players focus onto the combat options available in the game. In dealing with the danger of the alien Necromorphs swarming the game space, Dead Space Extraction utilizes the precision of the Wii Remote in variety of ways. Weapons like the Plasma Cutter can dispatch these enemies from a distance by taking advantage of the remote's pointing targeting ability, while a quick wave can activate weapons like the Ripper, a guidable spinning saw blade. The Wii Remote is also handy for picking up items and hurling them at enemies using the power of Kinesis.
Other gameplay changes include new play modes. The most notable of these is the inclusion of a two player co-op play option. This allows an additional player to drop in or out of the action as he/she chooses. The game rebalances the opposition in these cases to make sure that the gameplay doesn't become too easy. In addition, Extraction also features a Challenge mode in which after certain sections of the game are cleared, areas within those sections are unlocked for bonus arcade style action where players build up points linked to how many Necromorphs are destroyed. Taken together all these changes add up to more action, more fun and more Dead Space for players on the Wii.
Key Game Features
An All-New Prequel Exclusively for the Wii
Follow the lives of several different Aegis VII colony members as they carve a bloody path to survival.
Meet a new cast of characters, destroy fearsome new enemies, and wield brutal new weapons.
Real Terror
Stunning graphics, panic-inducing audio, and a frenetic first-person perspective thrust you headlong into the terror.
Play through an engrossing, interactive horror movie experience that raises the bar for storytelling in video games.
Intuitive Controls
Strategically dismember your enemies with pinpoint control using the Wii Remote.
Wield a powerful arsenal of abilities and weapons to freeze enemies, manipulate gravity with telekinesis, solve puzzles, and fight off attacks from every direction in zero gravity.
Co-Op Gameplay
Team up with a friend to fight off the invasion on the USG Ishimura with jump-in cooperative play.
Combine efforts on engineering puzzles or determine specific roles to create a unique experience with each play session.

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