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Cleaning Tub Jets

cleaning tub jets

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I'm usually a "what can I get for $80" guy when it comes to hotels, but this could spoil me. Full size appliances, plenty of seating, a balcony with table and chairs for four. Separate bedroom and large closets. Bathroom with two sinks, tub for two with water jets, and a separate shower. All for quite a bit less than the big-name hotels nearby.

I have lived in places smaller than this.

We didn't try the restaurant or bar, but did use the workout room. It was the best I've seen in a hotel, with maybe a dozen aerobic machines and another dozen weight machines, plus dumbells. Bottled water and towels provided. I can't remember the last time I went to a hotel and didn't find half the equipment broken. Everything I tried here was in perfect condition.

The location is an acceptable walk from the strip, but not the same as being right there. If you need to be right in the casino action, stay on the strip. On the other hand, the sidewalk here isn't full of drunks and shills for "escort services". I like having a cleaner quieter place to come "home" to.

I can say almost nothing bad about this place, except that I still can't understand why expensive hotels charge for internet access while moderate places include it free of charge.

18682 Westview Drive

18682 Westview Drive

Owners are licensed in remodeling and designing and have added the special touch throughout the house. The main floor has one bedroom or den, full bath, laundry, kitchen, breakfast nook, family, dining, and living room. The breakfast nook opens to the back patio w/ a peaceful and private setting. The upstairs has three bedrooms and a bonus room w/ built-in closets which could also be a bedroom. Over-sized three car garage w/ abundant storage. House includes: Central vacuum system, ceiling fans, gorgeous hardwood floors, jetted tub, granite, and central air.
No smoking on the premises. Felt required on furniture placed directly on hardwoods. Hardwoods to $45 application fee/adult. $500 Cleaning Fee. $2,700 Security Deposit. Dog additional w/ owner approval. Tenants pay for all utilities. Flexible 6-12 month lease. Elementary: Westridge, Jr. High: Waluga, High Lakeridge High. Owner will also consider sale or lease-purchase options.

cleaning tub jets

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